Every Detail Matters

Chill has been thought from scratch to preserve at its best the quality of your results. Precooling, Staychill and Defrost are just some of the functions which make this product unique.

Functional Features

Chilling mode at +3°C with cycle selection HARD or SOFT.

Freezing mode at -18°C with cycle selection HARD or SOFT.

Chilling programs based on time or core probe.

Automatic stop of the fan motors when the door is opened, to avoid any cold dispersion.

The Power of Automation

Unique features and functions to automate and simplify everyday workflow.


Precooling function, to have the cell always ready at the desired temperature (only D version).

StayChill function for automatic temperature holding at end of the chilling/freezing cycle.

Defrost function with door open.

SOFT function allows you to chill or freeze quickly even the most delicate food without damaging it.

A Line to Meet All Needs

The full family of the Chill range is able to meet all possible needs of a professional Kitchen