The Workflow Philosophy

From the Kitchen to the Table

The main point in the development of Moduline products is the 360-degree view of the workflow. In fact, Moduline follows all the workflow steps with great attention to the efficiency and quality of the results regardless of the amount, starting from cooking with Combi, Pressure, Cook&Hold, through Cryogen and Chill for quick chilling/freezing and Cold for refrigerated holding, regenerating with Regen and finally hot holding with Warm before serving. The result of this process is an extraordinary work experience for the simple usage and, at the same time, for the productivity reached by high operating economies. This results in savings in the purchase of raw materials, in time in the food transformation process and rationalization of the kitchen management, thus offering perfect results in terms of quality.


Moduline tools for cooking are the most advanced on the market.
Whatever cooking method you plan to use or whatever the recipe you want to prepare, Moduline has the solution.
The many possible methods of cooking, using different Moduline products, allow you achieving outstanding results from any food, either through static cooking (with or without smoking), convection, steam, mixed convection-steam and, finally, pressure.


The Workflow Management in the kitchen requires you to have everything ready when needed.
Moduline chillers and freezers offer the ability to bring down the temperatures of the food previously cooked and keep them thanks to their quick freezing technology.
The food will retain all its characteristics thanks to the improved quick freezing techniques that Moduline uses in its machines. In this way, users will be able to rationalize stocks and organize work processes in advance.

Cold Holding

Storing food for long time and in perfect condition of preservation is a necessity for any kitchen with professional demands.
Moduline’s Cold line maintains and preserves food without affecting the organoleptic properties or its taste.


When an order comes in the kitchen, the consumer or the guest expects that the dish is freshly prepared.
Sometimes, however, the amount of dishes to serve in the same period of time does not allow their preparation as ordered.
For this reason, Moduline has created a product line that would help operators in the kitchen to serve food "Just-In-Time" to a large number of guests.
While Chill and Cold product lines are able to chill your cooked food and to preserve it for a long time, the Regen equipment excel in bringing it back to the exact state it was when just cooked, without changing the taste, flavour or the quality of your recipes.

Warm Holding

With the Warm range of products, Moduline allows the Chef to extend the time available for his service.
When the food is ready, any delay in serving it or the amount of dishes to be served all together can definitely represent a big issue for the kitchen.
That's why the hot holding, with trolleys or drawers, allows you to serve quality and unaltered flavours of your dish even hours later.