Internal lighting

Cavity interior lighting to control the cooking process.

Drainage drip tray

Built-in drip tray under the door and connected to the oven drainage system. No more leakage and accumulation of water on the floor.

Cooking juices collection

All cooking juices are collected on the tight-sealed cavity bottom, to be afterwards easily drained through the drainage system during cleaning operations.

Front drainage pipe

For cooking juices collection, avoids the use of trays to collect juices in the cavity (only on CHC-CHS-FAB models).

Pad Lock

Key lock system with password ensures the chef maximum protection of the data or the undesired interruption of the cooking program.

Pro Time

ProTime system allows you to set the date and time you want the oven to preheat or start working.

Core Check

Core probe monitors the achievement of the desired core temperature of the product. Up to 30 different core temperatures can be registered at the end of the process and saved in the HACCP report (only on CHC-CHS-FAB models).

A Line to Meet All Needs

The full family of the Cook&Hold range is able to meet all possible needs of a professional Kitchen