Nothing Is Left to Chance

A chef using Cook&Hold expects the highest degree of control on the cooking process. All the features included in this machine are designed to create the smoothest and easiest experience possible.

Functional Features

Temperature from +30°C to +160°C on CHC-CHS-FAB models.

Temperature from +30°C to +120°C on CSC-CSD models.

The automatic cooking programs, divided in 6 categories of products, are the perfect starting point for your experience with a Cook&Hold oven (only CHC-CHS-FAB models).

Manual cooking setting and recipe registration, offer the traditional convenience to the Chef service.

Section for Favourite programs, daily life and experience always at your fingertips (only CHC-CHS-FAB models).

Recipes always customizable and easy-to-browse (only CHC-CHS-FAB models).

USB port: software, HACCP data and recipes always at your fingertips (optional only on CHC-CHS-FAB models).

The cooking programs can be divided into 9 different phases, thus allowing high performance in the food processing.

Delta-T function: the ability to adjust the temperature difference between the oven cavity and the core of the product, enhancing the tenderness of the meat and the reduction of weight loss.

The low-consumption power and perfect temperature control ensure minimum electricity consumption.

The excess humidity exhaust system prevents overpressure in the cavity.

Self-diagnosis system of the proper operation of all electrical components (only on CHC-CHS-FAB models).

The drainage system of the cooking juices avoids the use of trays to collect juices in the cavity, thus preventing the danger linked to handling hot liquids (only on CHC-CHS-FAB models). The door locking system prevents the risk of unintentional opening.

The door locking system prevents the risk of unintentional opening during the cooking cycles; door opening would interrupt delicate cycles and compromise the results (optional only on CHC-CHS-FAB models).

The Power of Automation

Unique features and functions to simplify everyday workflow.


Smoking: Moduline new and advanced professional tools make the traditional hot and cold smoking possible, combining the benefits and quality of low-temperature cooking ovens. Versatile and innovative solutions to create original and creative recipes, according to a working method, both old and modern, practical and efficient (only CHS-FAB models).

The DeliWarm heating system extends the time of holding after cooking without drying the food.

A Line to Meet All Needs

The full family of the Cook&Hold range is able to meet all possible needs of a professional Kitchen