Cryogenic Blast Freezers for unique Speed and Quality

The Nitrogen Revolution

Cryogen, thanks to the exceptional characteristics of nitrogen, is able to outperform any other Blast Chillers. By reaching in the shortest time -196°C, the cryogenic process preserves food for a longer time.

Innovating the Workflow

Cryogen comes with all necessary features to control it in complete security and gives unlimited space to the Chef's creativity.

The Shape of Innovation

Cryogen brings a real revolution to the professional kitchen, yet keeping a functional shape. Its design will ensure a smooth and practical work process.

User-friendly innovation

The extremely innovative functions of Cryogen can be easily controlled through its touchscreen panel. The interface has been developed to show all relevant information in a simple and effective way.

A Line to Meet All Needs

The full family of the Cryogen range is able to meet all possible needs of a professional Kitchen