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Salamander Grill, 4 functions in 1 product

A unique and innovative instrument able to adapt to any rapid cooking or finishing, thanks to its 360° heating surface. We dare to say that more than a Salamander FlexyGrill is a Chameleon, with the ability of transforming itself into an open oven, a cooking top or else a grill. Fast and versatile, according to Moduline tradition.

Fast and flexible

It reaches its working temperature in only 7 seconds, granting maximum flexibility and unparalleled service. The accurate heat control, thanks to the independent activation of the upper heating elements and to the lower vitro-ceramic cooking top, allows to finish, refine, cook and hold the food. A winning card in the Chefs’ hands.

Simple to handle and easy to use

A very simple control panel for an immediate use. Different functions to make the chef’s work easier. The automatic plate detector helps accelerate your job.
You can automatically activate the salamander by pushing the plate or the tray, or any other container suitable for hot temperatures, against the detector bar. You can always start using the same time set. This procedure can be used also for warm holding, once the cooking cycle is over.
After setting the time and pushing start/stop, it takes 7 seconds to reach the maximum working temperature.

All kind of culinary arts

A Salamander Grill, that, thanks to its flexibility, will span different uses, beyond standard finishing, matching the needs of a more and more popular Fusion Cuisine. The different types of cooking, coming from different cooking cultures require any capability from roasting to braising, from finishing to grilling. Flexygrill allows all this in one unique piece of equipment, easily and perfectly, leaving complete creativity to the Chefs.

Total control on time and temperature

A flexible way of using power with FlexyGrill
The heating elements of the upper part, 3 or 4 according to models, can work in different combinations to get different cooking zones, as your recipe can require. You can also adjust the upper mobile plate to get the heating surface closer to your food.
On the lower part, you can select from 1 to 4 heating levels. Level 1 is used to water down or keep your food warm; following levels indicate increasing heating intensity.
Maximum cooking time up to 20 minutes.
Thanks to the fast upper heating elements, combined with the effect of the lower glass-ceramic plate, 20 minutes will be enough to have 90% of your recipes ready for service.

A Line to Meet All Needs

The full family of the FlexyGrill range is able to meet all possible needs of a professional Kitchen