It’s Time for New Experiences

SIGEP 2018 - Soon We'll Be There

It's that time of the year and, as usual, Moduline is getting ready to participate at the SIGEP - Rimini.
We are looking forward to the starting day because this year our schedule is packed with events and demos. We decided to go all out to propose a unique experience to our visitors, customers and friends.
While SIGEP historically focuses on pastry, baking and gelato, all our products will be anyway present. Everyday there will be demos, open to the public, with our Chef Paolo Levada illustrating the advantages of our equipment and the astonishing results you can obtain by using the technologies and functions they come with.
Also, we will have special guests showing off their creativity and talent enhanced by our products. Chef Max Mariola will delight us with a demo about paninis and how such a simple food can achieve haute-cuisine levels. Pastry Chef Max Albanese will showcase his "sweet art" in front of us, and show how pastry is a delicate balance of flavors that, combined with an artsy presentation, is a complete experience for your 5 senses.
See you there then