Since 1989 Moduline has worked in the professional kitchen industry. Established in Vittorio Veneto, Moduline has always had a vocation to provide simple tools to be used in the kitchen, but, at the same time, to ensure quality without compromises. With this goal, Moduline has always designed and manufactured its products starting from the Warm Holding equipment and the Regeneration ovens, up to the latest innovative products like Combi, Pressure, Cook&Hold, Cryogen and Chill. This desire to research the best solution and to offer a unique use experience has in fact pushed Moduline to manufacture a full line. In the past 18 years, the company has engaged in manufacturing items, which could cover all the steps of the food process from preservation up to table service. The development of new solutions and new design has allowed the company to reach a complete WorkFlow, as the highest expression of Moduline philosophy in the kitchen.
Moduline is a young and dynamic company, with 30 employees; all products are manufactured on-site, thanks to a production area of 5000 square meters, allowing high-quality standards. According to Moduline’s philosophy, together with innovation, ease of use and quality, the user's needs remain the most important starting point to imagine and invent the future in a professional kitchen that can respond to the use requirements and to operating economy.

The Search for Perfection

The whole philosophy of Moduline moves around the quality of the final result.
Moduline designs and develops its machines so that they are functional and easy to use. The advanced technology is at the user's service and allows you to collect and save the equipment operating data. In this way, the user will always get instructions to improve the workflow, or re-use the data to reproduce the same results over time.
The workflow allows kitchen professionals to focus on the raw materials and on the dishes to serve, with excellent quality and results exactly as expected.

Efficient Results

The main point in the development of Moduline products is the 360-degree view of the workflow. In fact, Moduline follows all the workflow steps with great attention to efficiency and quality, regardless the amount, starting from cooking with Combi, Pressure, Cook&Hold, through Cryogen and Chill for quick chilling/freezing and Cold for refrigerated holding, regenerating with Regen and finally hot holding with Warm before serving.
The result of this process is an extraordinary work experience for the simple use and, at the same time, for the productivity reached by high operating economies.
As a result, you can save in terms of raw materials, of food transformation process and rationalisation of kitchen management, while offering the same perfect results in terms of quality.


Moduline knows how important it is to enhance the relationship with its customers.
Moduline follows the customers during sale and after-sale, creating specific opportunities to explain the products and its potential.
Assisted by expert chefs and industry insiders, the customer is offered practical cooking demonstrations, both at Moduline demo kitchen or at the customer’s kitchen.


Moduline is, by vocation, a dynamic company that knows how importat it is to be in touch with the market and with the customers’ needs. Moduline is therefore proud of participating in the main world exhibitions of the culinary industry.
All this give an important contribution to the constant effort that Moduline makes every day in reaching customers through multiple online and offline communications tools. This is the Moduline experience.