How to: Cook in a Jar with Pressure

Jar-cooking is the perfect technique to prepare squids. It assures a tender and perfectly cooked product. Pressure is the equipment […]

How to: Cook Crab with Pressure

Cooking Crab might be tricky,  because it’s as difficult to prepare it as it looks easy to cook. Pressure, which […]

How to: Cook Octopus with Pressure

Octopus and Pressure are a perfect match. Pressure takes gently care of its consistency, preserving all the flavours by avoiding […]

Pressure – Flexible & Reliable

We are running a series of how-tos to demonstrate the flexibility of such an equipment. The results are simply wonderful. […]

How to: Cook Mussels with Pressure

Mussels cooking have never been better than cooking them with pressurized steam. Thanks to the fast steaming without water, just […]

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We are glad to inform you that our new support website has been completed, where you can find all our […]