Pure Peroxide




Sanitizing: simple and completely safe


Safe and Simple

Pure Peroxide has been designed to ensure maximum safety. Even if the solution used is in diluted form, no person, apart from operators, is allowed to stay in the area where treatment is carried out. Pure Peroxide has been designed and manufactured focusing on simple use and immediate results. Controls are very easy to use, and so are the indications given by the appliance while using it.


The Most Natural Solution

Moduline, together with MedicAir Group, has designed a new appliance dedicated to disinfection treatments using hydrogen peroxide, suitable for public and private spaces. Hydrogen Peroxide is an old solution, used as a topical disinfectant, even if not common anymore, and has great advantages and high potential. The solution used contains stabilized hydrogen peroxide at 7.5%, without silver nitrate, nebulized in the environment under the form of “dry fog”. The peroxide mix used for Pure Peroxide is very simple to handle and does not require special recommendations.


A New Approach

The current situation, deeply influenced by COVID emergency, is leading to new reflections, both on a personal and on a social level, and imposing new priorities in our daily life. Our concept of social life is drastically changing and sharing our space with other people is acquiring a new meaning. These new challenges are imposing innovative solutions to grant total control in terms of hygiene when sharing the same space with other people. A correct environment sanitization is the necessary solution to give people the possibility of working or going out without any worries.


Practical and Efficient Solutions

Moduline has always preferred a practical approach, when dealing with professional equipment. The collaboration with MedicAir Group is part of this concept. We have been collaborating with this important partner of the bio-medical sector to offer simple solutions for the HoReCa world. This is the reason behind the creation of Pure. Practical and user-friendly instruments to guarantee our partners and our customers the complete safety they deserve in their daily life.


A Certified Solution for All Needs

This solution of hydrogen peroxide has been clearly indicated by the Italian Ministry of Health to disinfect areas against Covid-19 (decree n° 5443 dated 22/02/2020). The mix used by Pure Peroxide is highly oxidizing and effective against pathogens and it is particularly indicated for its action against virus, bacteria, mould, etc… but, at the same time, it doesn’t have any polluting or corrosive effect. This solution can be used to disinfect any kind of surfaces in contact with oxygen or it can be sprayed inside air conduits, without generating any humidity or without corroding materials. Disinfection cycle is very quick; thanks to peroxide nebulization and a high-performance turbine, the “dry fog”, made up of 6 micron particles, is sprayed in an even way, both on surfaces and in the air. Vaporisation time is 1min/20m3.


A Line to Meet All Needs

The Pure product range is able to meet all possible professional needs