GCE Closed

1. Electronic control

Extremely intuitive and easy to use even by less skilled staff.

2. USB port

Software, HACCP data and recipes always at your fingertips and keeping up with the work evolution (optional on D version).

3. Door

The double low-emission glass and the internal ventilation reduce external overheating and heat dispersion.

4. Cavity internal lighting

To control the cooking process at any time.

5. Built-in hand shower

Quick and frequent rinses (option).

6. Built-in drawer

Built-in the oven, perfect for storing the core probe or other kitchen tools (supplied only with optional integrated hand shower).

GCE Open

1. Periodic and automatic rotation reversal of the fan motors

Allows perfect temperature uniformity in the cavity.

2. Tray rails

Easily removable and washable.

3. Openable door internal glass

Allows a better and regular cleaning of the glass.

4. Insulation of the cavity

With highly insulating materials, guarantees less heat dispersion.

5. Tight-sealed cavity

With rounded corners and the integrated drainage system for easier and safer cleaning.

6. Condensation drip tray

Under the door and connected to the oven drainage system. No more leakage or accumulation of water on the floor.

A Line to Meet All Needs

The full family of the Combi range is able to meet all possible needs of a professional Kitchen