A Full Range of Features in a Compact Body

Combi controls and functions are now easier, yet keeping the same features that make this product unique.

Functional Features

Direct steam mode from +30°C to +130°C.

Convection mode from +30°C to +280°C.

Mixed Steam-Convection mode from +30°C to +280°C.

The automatic cooking programs, divided in 6 categories of products, are the perfect starting point for your experience with a Combi oven.

Manual cooking setting and recipe registration, offer the traditional convenience to the Chef service.

Section for Favourite programs, daily life and experience always at your fingertips.

Recipes always customizable and easy-to-browse with user’s images in integration.

The cooking programs can be divided into different phases (10 on the T control version or 4 on the D control version), thus allowing high performance in the foods processing.

Delta-T function: the ability to adjust the temperature difference between the oven cavity and the core of the product, enhancing the tenderness of the meat and the reduction of weight loss (T version only).

Consumption analysis function always at your fingertips (T version only).

The door locking system prevents the risk of unintentional opening during the cooking cycle; door opening would interrupt delicate cycles and compromise the results.

The automatic humidity exhaust system after cooking avoids the danger of hot steam coming out when opening the door.

Self-diagnosis system of the proper operation of all electrical components (T version only).

Automatic telemetric registration system of equipment operation (T version only).

The steam condensation system ensures a healthy workplace.

Automatic stop of the fan motors when the door is open.

Cavity cooling program with door open.

The Power of Automation

Unique features and functions to simplify everyday workflow.

RecipeMix feature: once you set a program or choose a recipe, Combi suggests the dishes that can be cooked together to optimize time and cooking loads (T version only).

MultiLevel function: Combi is able to manage different dishes with different cooking times or temperatures, indicating you from time to time when they are ready (T version only).

IdealWarm function: the intelligent temperature decrease in the cavity at the end of the cooking cycle allows perfect warm holding, avoiding the risk of overcooking the food.

ClimaChef system is an electronic and automatic feature, monitoring the climate in the cavity to get the best consistency and always tasty and crispy food in a safe and intelligent way.

FlashDry: instant dehumidification function of the cavity. It allows perfect drying for the products that require it, keeping the food crispy.

SpeedGrade fan speed adjustment: even the most delicate cooking offers extraordinary results (optional on D version).

The adaptive system for the energy calibration of the FitPower function adjusts and optimizes energy consumption based on usage (optional on D version).

The EcoWash cleaning system with automatic recirculation, significantly reduces water and detergent consumption, yet perfectly cleaning the cavity in each dirt situation (option).

A Line to Meet All Needs

The full family of the Combi range is able to meet all possible needs of a professional Kitchen