Innovating the Workflow

Cryogen comes with all necessary features to control it in complete security and gives unlimited space to the Chef's creativity.

Functional Features

Chilling mode with different degrees of intensity.

Freezing mode with different degrees of intensity.

Automatic chilling programs divided into 6 categories of products, the perfect starting point for your food and recipe conservation and storage.

Manual chilling/freezing setting and recipe registration, offer the traditional convenience to the Chef service.

Section for favourite programs, daily life and experience always at your fingertips.

Recipes always customizable and easy-to-browse with the user's images integration.

Electronic and automatic control system of the temperature and the percentage of nitrogen in the cavity to get maximum homogeneity.

The chilling programs can be divided into 10 different phases, allowing a high precision in processing the foods.

Installed power is very low.

The calibrated nitrogen injection system minimizes gas consumption.

Self-diagnosis system of the proper operation of all the electrical components.

Automatic telemetric registration system of equipment operation.

Automatic stop of the fan motors when the door is opened.

USB port: software, HACCP data and recipes always at your fingertips
and keeping up with the work evolution (Option).

The Power of Automation

Unique features and functions to simplify everyday workflow.


Defrost function, with door open.

Key lock system with password ensures the chef maximum protection of the data or the undesired interruption of the cooking program.

Memory expansion with built-in SD card slot.

A Line to Meet All Needs

The full family of the Cryogen range is able to meet all possible needs of a professional Kitchen