Grill: A new speedy ally in the kitchen

Grill - Ultra-rapid Salamander

At Moduline we are proud to introduce the latest addition to our line of equipments.

With Grill we are introducing the fastest equipment available in the market to grill and cook and finish off the dishes before serving them to the table.

Grill reaches its working temperature in just 4 seconds, demonstrating an uncanny ability at being ready when needed. It can make the difference in all type of workflow. Gourmet Chefs can enjoy a product which not only makes easier to prepare their usual recipes, but also let them experiment and be creative thanks to its versatility and speed. For catering or kitchen which are focused on quality, Grill fits perfectly the workflow by completementing Warm and Retherm in bringing an advanced level of efficiency in the last step before serving at the table.

We are looking forward to meeting you at Host to discover Grill and how it can fit your workflow and be an answer to your professional needs.