Pressure – Flexible & Reliable

Pressure - Flexible and Reliable

We are running a series of how-tos to demonstrate the flexibility of such an equipment. The results are simply wonderful. Speed and accuracy combine to assure the ability to always achieve the expected results. Not only, Pressure is built with in mind a healthy, light and fast cooking that preserves the nutritional value and flavour of each ingredient.

This is why we promise flexibility. Promises fulfilled by the new Moduline Pressure steamer, resulting from advanced research and attention to the actual needs of contemporary professional catering.

The result is the best that technology can offer today in terms of performance and practicality.

Chef Max Mariola and Pressure

Pressure has been the most prominent equipment on which Chef Mariola has focused his attention. During the Host 2018 fair in Milan he joined on the stage our team for a day and relentlessly performed his art and skills.

He fell in love with the flexibility and reliability of Pressure. The equipment has been able to reach and outperform his expectation by delivering consistent results and excellency.

"[...] I was amazed by how Pressure performed [...]" - he said after the show - "[...] I could simply focus on the recipe I was preparing without worrying about the food which was cooking inside the oven [...] Also, the fact that its interface is so well thought means I didn't have to take an engineering class just to cook some eggplants [...]"