Flexible and Reliable

The flexibility of Pressure is one its biggest qualities. Sterilization, pasteurization, sous-vide or slow cooking, as well as many other features and technologies do contribute to make this product unique.

Functional Features

Temperature from +50°C to +122°C, pressure from 0 bar to 1.2 bar.

The automatic cooking programs, divided in 6 categories of products, are the perfect starting point for your experience with a Pressure steamer.

Manual cooking setting and recipe registration, offer the traditional convenience to the Chef service.

Section for Favourite programs, daily life and experience always at your fingertips.

Recipes always customizable and easy-to-browse.

Pasteurization function lets you quickly pasteurizing preparations in jars (i.e. preserves, jams, etc.) under maximum safety conditions and with perfect homogeneity.

Sterilization function allows you to sterilize quickly the preparations in jars (i.e. preserves, jams, etc.) under maximum safety conditions and with perfect homogeneity.

Thaw function allows you to defrost any frozen product preserving its organoleptic characteristics.

Regeneration function allows you to quickly reheat previously cooked and then chilled products.

The sous-vide function allows you to cook very gently all products previously stored under vacuum conditions; steam under pressure at low temperatures allows the heat to penetrate the bag faster, thus decreasing the cooking time and the product exposure time; there is no type of transfer of substances from the bag into its content.

Slow cooking function is particularly suitable to cook meat; the steam under pressure at low temperatures enhances the flavours of the raw material and avoids any weight loss.

USB port: software, HACCP data and recipes always at your fingertips and keeping up with the work evolution (option).

The cooking programs can be divided into 9 different phases, thus allowing high performance in the food processing.

The boiler level control reduces water consumption based on the actual needs.

The automatic reduction pressure system in the cavity after cooking avoids the danger of hot steam coming out when opening the door.

Manual removal of any pieces of food left, and a simple sterilization cycle when the cavity is empty for some minutes. In this way the pressure steamer is always clean.

The Power of Automation

Unique features and functions to simplify everyday workflow.


MultiLevel function: Pressure is able to manage different dishes with different cooking times or temperatures, indicating from time to time when they are ready.

The FitPower electronic management of the heating elements of the boiler allows you to use the power according to your needs, to save energy and to have available supply of steam.

HACCP system for cycle temperature recording at the core of several products at the end of the process (optional supplied with the USB port).

Key lock system with password ensures the chef maximum protection of the data or the undesired interruption of the cooking program.

ProTime system allows you to set the date and time you want the boiler to preheat.

One Product to Meet All Needs

The full family of the Pressure range is able to meet all possible needs of a professional Kitchen