Retherm and the Moduline WorkFlow

Retherm completes the excellence of the food journey in the Moduline workflow. From preservation to cooking, to blast chilling, all recipes are made respecting the taste of the ingredients and the organoleptic properties. Retherm is the last step, regenerating the food to the state it was in when it was freshly cooked. Consistency, moisture and taste are regenerated for an unparalleled service and organisation in the kitchen that can cope with the most important demands and the most demanding palates.
In the following videos you can appreciate the effectiveness and results.

Baked chicken with steamed spinach, peas with ham, mashed potatoes
Boiled meat, chards with garlic, parsley potatoes and carrots with butter
Sea bass fillets with potatoes, cherry tomatoes and olives
Baked vegetable lasagne
Grilled chicken breast with grilled vegetables