Moduline - Cook&hold - Static ovens


Containing the food weight loss while cooking is very important not only for profitability, but also because it allows you to use almost all the raw material for the preparation of dishes. In fact, thanks to the greater availability of high quality raw materials, Chefs can unleash all their creativity in the creation of their recipes. Thanks to Cook&Hold and its gentle heating, Moduline offers chefs a tool that allows them to cook at a low temperature and with very low consumption, with a great food yield. In this recipe, Chef Paolo Levada proposes Fettuccine of cuttlefish cooked at low temperature, and thanks to the not measurable weight loss, with 3 Kg. of product we can serve 24 portions, cooked with an average consumption of 1.2 kw/h in 3 hours. Cook&Hold, the true low temperature cooking.

Roast Veal
Roast veal with vegetables

All the flavor of traditional dishes with the productivity of great catering. Would you like to offer your customers the fragrance of homemade dishes cooked in a “gentle” way, saving energy and raw material? Try Cook&Hold, the range of ovens at low temperature, with static heat, designed for small, medium and large professional catering.

Beef Tomahawk
Tomahawk rare-cooked

The technique of the “Reverse Searing” has existed for some years and has the purpose of making the rare cooking of the meat always perfect and not in “layers”. Cook&Hold with its gentle heat DELIWARM allows the most demanding chefs to cook meat perfectly to the core and the desired temperature, with low consumption, without the addition of water and with a very low weight loss.

Veal “osso-buco” with vegetables

The low temperature cooking allows you to cook the meat, preserving all its nutritional and organoleptic values, with a great saving of electricity and raw material. Cook&Hold by Moduline offers you a product capable of cooking with a saving of up to 60% of electricity and with a lower weight loss of the product cooked.

Chicken breasts with herbs

Cook&Hold the real low temperature cooking. Thanks to the use of static heat and using the Deliwarm heating system, Cook&Hold is able to cook, with the very low consumption of 1600W/h in 6 hours, up to 208 chicken breasts in the CHC082E, both vacuum and free atmosphere.

Bolognaise meat sauce

The static ovens of the Cook&Hold range are perfect for cooking meat in large quantities, and are suitable almost only for this type of cooking, right? No! actually they are also ideal for sauces of all kinds.

Pork Shanks
Pork shanks with beer and green apple

With a CHC082E of the Cook&Hold range you can cook up to 80 pork shanks per cycle, with a temperature of 95oC, consuming very little electricity. This static oven, thanks to its gentle heating “DELIWARM”, cooks at full load during the night, without the presence of staff in the kitchen, and, once finished cooking, passes to the holding cycle.