Moduline - Grill - Salamandre

finishing of redfish

Loved by true admirers, redfish reigns in Mediterranean cuisine thanks to its flavor. Not only prince of “cacciucco” or “bouillabaisse”, but also grilled because the meat of redfish is unique. FlexyGrill allows you to cook quickly and maintain perfect control of cooking thanks to the “open oven” conformation, given by the arrangement, both above and below, of the heating elements.

Potatoes dumplings alla sorrentina
“Sorrentina” potato dumpling

“Sorrentina” dumplings, a classic dish of “Campania” cuisine, must be gratinated before being served on the table for an optimal result. FlexyGrill’s upper infrared heating speed ensures just-in-time grating in just 7 seconds, either directly on a plate or on a baking tray.

Leeks au gratin
Gratin leeks

FlexyGrill supports not only GN trays but also plates, baking trays and containers. The leeks can be grated quickly, approximately in 3 minutes, whether they are already portioned on a plate, either on a pan or tray.

Bolognaise lasagna
Lasagna gratin

No lasagna can be said to be ready if the final grating has not been carried out. The result is the unmistakable crust, typical characteristic of lasagna. FlexyGrill achieves this in 4 minutes, bringing the lasagna back to the serving temperature. This way you can organize the kitchen for a service that meets the needs of the moment.

Tomatoes au gratin
Tomatoes au gratin

In just 3 minutes the tomatoes are finished with grating and are ready to be served. The finish made on the serving plate allows you to significantly reduce the time and improve the organization of the kitchen.

Braised brill with vegetables
Turbot grilling

Turbot, a delicate meat fish, further highlights the exceptional characteristics of FlexyGrill. Once again, the unique arrangement for a salamander, with lower and upper heating elements, allows you to cook this fish in just 12 minutes. FlexyGrill is presented as a multifunctional tool, able to adapt to multiple needs.