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The ultrarapid salamander

Grill, the ultra-fast salamander from Moduline, is characterised by its speed, versatility and ease of use. It is available in 2 models, both equipped with heating elements immersed in a ceramic mould and housed in the upper heating surface, which is adjustable in height. One of the models has a GN 1/1 cooking surface, while the other has a GN 4/3 cooking surface, each equipped with an electronic timer and heating mode control. Grill can go from 20° to 200° in 7 seconds.

a salamander

with unique characteristics

Grill's fast heat-up not only saves time, but also offers the possibility of switching on the machine only when you really need it. Thanks to these features Grill favours;

  • the reduction of heat in the kitchen and/or front cooking area;
  • Achieving energy savings of up to 35% compared to salamanders with traditional steel or gas heating elements.

The height adjustment of the heating surface helps the action of the heat on the food: the all-down position sets a higher temperature and a strong gratinating action; the medium position sets a cooking, grilling and gratinating action suitable for more delicate products (creams, cheeses, vegetables); the all-up position ensures an ideal toasting action for bakery products.

Despite the high level of results that can be achieved and the various functions and uses to which it is suited, Grill is very easy to be programmed. Once the cooking time has been set, Grill allows it to be started either with the classic Start/Stop button or automatically, by pressing the tray on the activation bar.

Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the heated top at different heights - following the temperature scale engraved on the column (Patent Pending) - Grill, in addition to grating or browning, also allows grilling and/or deep cooking food. In addition, by leaving the top cooking shelf raised all the way up, Grill transforms into a hot holding equipment to serve dishes always at the perfect temperature. Grill also makes it possible to combine the cooking and holding functions, avoiding the risk of food getting cold.

Thanks to the standard GN grid, food can also be placed, without a container, below the heating surface. Underneath the grill there is a grease drip pan, into which water can be added to prevent grease, falling below the grill, from burning and releasing excess smell and smoke.

The upper heating elements are independent. In fact, it is possible to operate only the central heating element in order to concentrate the heat on a small area, or it is possible to operate the two side heating elements, with the central one intermittently, for even heat distribution.

Grill is designed according to current professional standards. The possibility of accommodating GN1/1 trays makes it a transversal tool in the kitchen workflow, allowing easy switching between dishes and equipment.



Grill makes all the difference.
Grill is no ordinary salamander. Comparison with the average performance of other salamanders available on the market leaves no doubt: 






0,22 m3

* Compared with the average performance of similar equipment on the market


Dimensions mm 600x593x538h
Electrical power 4.6Kw
Weight 54.5 kg
Power supply 380-415V 3N 50/60Hz


Dimensions mm 765x593x538h
Electrical power 6.1Kw
Weight 65Kg
Power supply 380-415V 3N 50/60Hz

Fast and powerful

a swift friend at the service of the chef

  • Its service flexibility is unparalleled: always ready at the right time, in just 7 seconds the top heating zone reaches maximum temperature, Thanks to its top heating elements, which can be activated separately, perfect heat control is achieved, allowing dishes to be cooked, finished, refined and maintained to perfection.
  • The control panel is simple and intuitive, consisting of a few buttons and an automatic activation bar. It is designed to speed up the chef's work. The automatic start is activated by pressing any container suitable for high temperatures and allows an immediate restart from the last set time. The same procedure can also be used for the holding function.
  • On the upper cooking surface, the heating elements can be activated in different combinations to obtain different irradiation zones according to the recipe requirements. In addition, the height adjustment of the top surface allows the heat source to get closer to the food, according to the operator's needs.
  • On the column of the upper heating surface, the reference temperatures for the chef are engraved, so that he can choose the most suitable one for the dish to be cooked. The height-adjustable top can be positioned exactly in line with the reference temperature, which corresponds to the temperature on the food surface (Patent Pending).





1. ON/OFF button

2. Digital display

3. Cooking/holding time selection button

4. Knob for programming the switch-on time of the upper heating elements (Max. 20')

5. Upper surface resistors selection button

6. START/STOP button


Functioning modes

Grill caratteristiche
Grill caratteristiche 2

Automation. Turning on only the top, with 1 or 3 heating elements, allows grating, grilling and cooking only from the top. The duration of the cycle can be programmed from 1 to a maximum of 20 minutes. The cooking cycle can be started either by pressing the Start button or automatically by pressing the container against the bar (useful for repetitive cooking). Removing the tray from the cooking surface, the cycle stops automatically, leaving the last programmed time in memory.

Safety. The cooking grid can be safely removed without lifting the heating top to check the cooking status of the food. In fact, the grill has a safety lock that is intercepted at the end of the sliding runners.

Cleaning the machine is extremely easy and only takes a few minutes. Once the grease collection tray has been removed, in fact, the grill, runners and plate presence bar are all dishwasher safe. The protection glass of the heating elements, thanks to its smooth surface, can be cleaned with a cloth soaked in traditional degreaser.


Il carrello

The trolley

Designed by chefs for chefs, the Grill trolley has everything you need: two retractable shelves that cen be raised and lowered according to the needs of the moment; a drawer to hold all the necessary accessories and utensils; and wide storage space underneath to hold the different plates and pans that go with the Grill. Grill is a piece of equipment designed for maximum portability. In fact, the catering world is not only represented by restaurants and the specific needs of catering, banqueting and all those situations that require the preparation and finishing of dishes in the dining room must also be considered.

The non-stick cast aluminium smooth baking tray GN 1/1

This tray is Grill's perfect ally for all preparations of snacks and sandwiches and for all griddle cooking in general. Thanks to its smooth surface - derived from a completely pore-free aluminium mould and perfect heat conductivity - cooking is uniform and food does not stick to the pan. For an ideal result, we recommend pre-heating the pan, placing it on the ceramic glass top at maximum power and lowering the top for a few minutes with 3 heating elements on.

La teglia rigata

The non-stick cast aluminium diamond-patterned rimmed baking tray GN 1/1

As with the smooth pan, this accessory allows you to make the most of the Grill's capabilities. The diamond pattern of the non-stick aluminium surface is perfect for grilling meat, fish and vegetables and produces the 'marking' effect that is typical of charcoal and electric grills. The excellent conductivity of heat allows all foods to be cooked evenly, which is not always easy and not always safe with barbecuing. For an ideal result we recommend preheating the pan, placing it on the ceramic glass top at maximum power and lowering the top for a few minutes with 3 heating elements on.

La teglia a stampi

The 11 mould baking tray made of non-stick cast aluminium GN 1/1

Thanks to the Grill's extraordinary speed, this pan allows you to prepare 11 small appetisers, be they fried eggs, vegetable quiches, crepes or vegetables au gratin, in just a few minutes. The non-stick surface with no melting pores allows food to be removed quickly. For an ideal result, we recommend preheating the pan, placing it on the ceramic glass top at maximum power, and lowering the top for a few minutes, with 3 heating elements on.


Dimensions mm

600x593x538 h


54.5 Kg

Electric power

4.6 Kw

Power supply

AC 380-415V 3N 50/60Hz


Dimensions mm

765x593x538 h


65 Kg

Electric power

6.1 Kw

Power supply

AC 380-415V 3N 50/60Hz