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All the force of steam combined with the power of pressure

Moduline's pressure ovens use advanced technology that enhances the characteristics of steam cooking. Pressure enhances the extraordinary ability of steam to penetrate the structure of food without compromising its quality. This translates into reduced time, higher productivity, improved quality and unrivalled flavour.


speed combined with quality

Thanks to the pressure steam cooking of the new Pressure oven, cooking is healthy, light and fast, while maintaining the nutritional values and organoleptic properties of each ingredient.

This oven is the result of advanced research inspired by a profound attention to the needs of contemporary professional catering and represents the best that technology can offer today in terms of performance and user-friendliness.

In the AISI 316 stainless steel cavity, Pressure is able to steam cook at temperatures ranging from +50 °C to +122 °C (with a maximum pressure of 1.2 bar), ensuring unrivalled time savings and food quality. In fact, food does not come into contact with water, but only with its steam under pressure, and cooking takes place at relatively low temperatures.

In addition to its extraordinary cooking capabilities, Pressure offers considerable flexibility of use, thanks to which the following applications are available: pasteurisation and sterilisation thanks to a temperature of 122°C (unique in the pressure oven market); vacuum cooking (up to 105°C) and, finally, regeneration of previously cooked and blast chilled products. 

In addition to its precision, Pressure is supported by advanced technology and has a simple and intuitive touch-controlled interface.


Trays capacity 3 x GN1/1
Electric power 15500W
Power supply 3N ~ 400V 50/60Hz


versatile and reliable

  • It has a truly intuitive electronic control that is easy to use even by less experienced personnel.
  • The counter door with a 'cold' cavity keeps the outside temperatures of the door within the reference standards.
  • The door is equipped with an automatic lock and remains closed during all cooking phases until the cavity is depressurised.
  • The removable condensate drip tray is incorporated under the door and avoids, when opened, leakage and water accumulation on the floor.
  • Electronic pressure switches ensure perfect temperature uniformity in the cavity.
  • The sealed cavity is cylindrical and has an integrated drainage system that makes cleaning easy and safe.
  • The electronic and automatic steam control system keeps the temperature in the cavity unchanged and, thanks to an always ready reserve of steam, speeds up cooking times considerably, minimising the time food is exposed to heat. Thanks to the faster cooking times, the weight loss of the product is reduced, guaranteeing an extraordinary and natural final quality.
  • The tray racks are easily removable and washable (3 GN 1/1 with 80 mm center distance as standard).
  • The hermetic door closure is tested to withstand up to 2 bar.
  • The core probe is standard and facilitates cooking processes by guaranteeing accurate results every time.
  • The insulation of the cooking cavity with highly insulated materials ensures less heat loss.
  • Pressure's MultiLevel function can handle dishes with different cooking times, indicating which preparation is finished.
  • The standard USB port allows you to update the oven software, upload and download recipes to and from other ovens, and extract all HACCP data saved in the memory for 30 days. The HACCP function records all parameters in the various cooking cycles.
  • The keypad lock system with password guarantees the chef maximum data protection and/or unintentional interruption of the cooking programme.
  • The automatic boiler descaling system is programmable in 3 levels of intensity based on water hardness, which must be set during the initial installation of the oven. The software warns the user of the need for the descaling cycle without blocking its operation.

control panel


  • temperature control from +50°C to +122°C (1.2 bar max.) - time control 
  • Automatic cooking programs divided into 6 categories 
  • possibility of managing up to 9 cooking steps per programme 
  • Favorite programs section 
  • Boiler preheating function 
  • special modes: pasteurisation, sterilisation, thawing, regeneration, vacuum cooking, low-temperature cooking 
  • Core probe cooking 
  • Special functions: ProTime, PadLock, MultiLevel, FitPower

control panel

1. ON/OFF button

2. 4.3″ LCD touch screen:

  • temperature control from +50°C to +122°C (1.2 bar max.)
  • time control
  • Automatic cooking programs divided into 6 categories
  • possibility of managing up to 9 cooking steps per programme
  • Favorite programs section
  • Boiler preheating function
  • special modes: pasteurisation, sterilisation, thawing, regeneration, vacuum cooking, low-temperature cooking
  • Core probe cooking
  • special functions: ProTime, PadLock, MultiLevel, FitPower

3. START/STOP button

4. Door opening button


Functioning modes

Pressure caratteristiche
Pressure caratteristiche

The temperature is adjustable from +50°C to +122°C, and as a result the pressure is automatically adjusted from 0 to 1.2 bar.

Automatic cooking programs are divided into six product categories and provide an optimal basis for your steaming experience.

Manual cooking programming and recipe recording are made very simple by a very intuitive and easily readable interface.

The favourite programmes section allows recipes set by the user to be used in repetitive, everyday use.

The cookbook is customisable and easily navigable.

The cooking programs can be divided into nine different stages, allowing high performance in food processing.

The pasteurisation and sterilisation functions allow you to quickly pasteurise and sterilise preparations in jars (preserves, jams, etc.) with maximum safety and homogeneity. A jar kit, which can be purchased separately, is required for sterilisation.

The defrosting function allows any frozen product to be defrosted safely without altering its organoleptic characteristics.

The regeneration function allows previously cooked and blast-chilled products to be quickly brought back to temperature.

The vacuum function allows all vacuum-packed products to be cooked very gently up to 105°C. The pressurised steam at low temperatures means that the heat can penetrate the food more quickly, decreasing the cooking time and thus the time the product is exposed to the heat, avoiding any transfer of substances from the bag to its contents.

The slow cooking function is particularly suitable for cooking meats, as the steam at low temperatures enhances their taste and makes their weight loss practically not measurable.

The ProTime system allows you to set the date and time at which the boiler is to start the preheating phase.

The automatic pressure reduction system in the cavity drastically reduces steam release when the cooking cycle is complete and the door is opened.

Manual removal of any remaining pieces of food and a simple 122°C steam cycle for a few minutes with an empty cavity keeps the steam oven perfectly clean at all times.


Two tray racks of different capacities for optimized loads

One is a 5 GN 1/1 with a 40mm gap, and the other is a 7 GN 1/1 with a 20mm gap.

A set of 3 sterilisation jars

Includes a valve to be mounted on the lids, for inserting the core probe into the sample jar. The temperature is measured in the product, inside the sample jar, as a reference for the entire load.

A pack of 4 1-litre bottles of descaling liquid

For a complete descaling cycle, 1 litre of product is required.

A depressurisation kit

Allows to eliminate the pressure down the drain by bringing it upwards and releasing only the condensation water in the drain. This kit is necessary if the drainage network cannot receive pressures higher than 0.5 Bar.

A filter for incoming water

Purchasable separately, it protects the oven from unwanted limescale build-up in the boiler and components subject to steam injection into the cavity. During the first installation, the oven software can be programmed with the water hardness parameter and thanks to this 'set point' the oven automatically calculates the life of the filter until its cartridge is replaced.


Trays capacity

3 x GN1/1 

Tray Runners Pitch

80 mm

Dimensions mm

730x880x820 h


110 Kg

Electric power


Power supply

AC 3N ~ 400V 50/60Hz