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Cooking cod, for creaming

Cooking Stockfish for whisking

Pressure is the ideal tool to cook the cod and prepare it for creaming. The fish remains soft and compact, absorbing no excess water. A smooth creaming is assured.

Cooking salmon

Cooking Salmon

The strength of the pressure combined with the ability to transmit the heat of steam make Pressure the best healthy cooking system in the market. While pressure helps to reduce time, reducing the loss of nutritional values of foods, steam penetrates foods by forcing liquids into them. The result? Reduced weight loss; no loss of nutritional values; unparalleled color quality; natural flavor.

Cooking mussels and clams in vacuum

Cooking mulles & clams sous-vide

Thanks to steaming and vacuum cooking, mussels and clams are ready in 3 minutes. Salinity, softness, and sea taste are preserved and enhanced.

Cooking clams

Cooking clams

With Pressure you can prepare 1 clam sauté in about 1 minute. You just need the clams rinsed in water, without the need to leave them to soak. Pressure with the force of pressure and steam combined opens and cook all the clams. The texture remains hydrated and soft even when cooled. With Pressure you can steam up to 100 kg mussels in an hour.

Cooking green asparagus

Cooking asparagus

Whether white or green, asparagus is one of the most delicate vegetables and requires careful cooking. Pressure preserves its color, taste, and texture.

Cooking chards

Cooking Chards

Cooking chards means maintaining the color and integrity of the leaf, enhancing its delicate taste. Pressure allows this and more, with uniform and consistent results.

Cooking zucchini

Cooking Zucchini

Cooking zucchini perfectly, keeping its texture and taste intact is a delicate operation. Pressure makes it simple and immediate.

Cooking broccoli

Cooking Broccoli

With Pressure the broccoli are cooked perfectly and in 1 minute they are ready! Flavors and colors are enhanced.

Peeling tomatoes

Peeling tomatoes

With Pressure the blanching is perfectly uniform on all tomatoes, resulting all easily and equally peelable while remaining raw inside.