This is what regeneration is about

Multi Level Regeneration 1

This is what regeneration is all about. Chef Paul O’Neill stress out the fact that the oven has to deliver hot food, juicy and moist, with nice look and great taste. All of this is possible because the machine is not aggressive, using a very little amount of water.

Café or Pub Operations

Cafè or Pub Operations

Can a Retherma oven be enough for a Pub, Cafeteria or small restaurant, with no full kitchen installation? The answer is yes, according to Chef Paul O’Neill experience. With the gentle heat any packed food can be regenerated, helping pub’s owners to serve food without having to invest on a full working kitchen and to have a full staff to run it.

Multi level regeneration

Multi Level Regeneration 1

In this 3rd video of Multi-Level regeneration Chef Paul O’Neill explains how to program, set and work with a few easy steps through a regeneration cycle. Timed cycled, Probed cycles, both to make Chef’s life easier. Retherma: As just cooked

Multi level quality and flexibility

Multi level quality and flexybility

In this second video dedicated to the Multi-Level Chef Paul O’Neill shows the results of a Multi-Level cycle of regeneration. Despite different containers, and portions all the food is hot, evenly, and the containers are not damaged. The food is not dry, neither dry, nor burnt and there no water in any of the containers shown.

Multi Level programming and functioning

Multi level programming and functioning

Chef Paul O’Neill shows us one of the most important features of this Retherma oven: the Multi-Level programming. This can be done with time or core probe, helping the service of a take-out restaurant. This is the first of three videos in which Chef Paul explains how to get the best out of a Retherma oven with E control.

The beauty of regeneration

The beauty of regeneration

Chef Paul O’Neill underlines the beauty of a Retherma Regeneration Oven. The food, after regeneration, is still juicy, the vegetables have great color, a little bite in them, and most of all they’re hot. This because the system is not aggressive, with its gentle heating and the right moisture addition.

The colors of Food Regeneration

The colors of Food regeneration

The big question here is: Is the food hot, does it look good? Chef Paul O’Neill shows us how the gentle regeneration process offers hot food with great quality in color, fragrance and taste. You serve the food the way you want, with the quality you want.

Regeneration of finished food from cpu’s

Regeneration of finished food from CPU's

Chef’s Paul O’Neill is telling us how the workflow from CPU’s to service site is seamlessly allowing kitchen operators to regenerate any type of food. Any food can be cooked at the CPU and then transported to any site of application: Pubs, Care Homes, Schools, Corporate Canteens, Hospitals, and so on.

Combination of meals in a retherm equipment

Combination of meals in a Retherm equipment

Chef Paul O’Neill shows us how the Retherma regeneration oven can regenerate different type of food in any type of container, without the risk of mixing flavors and taste, thanks to the gentle heat and moisture injection. All hot and well presented.

Any food container can go in

Any food can go in

In this second video of the series Chef Paul O’Neill is showing us how a Retherma regeneration oven is very flexible as it takes in any type of food, in different moment, in any type of container. Multi-purpose item at Chef’s service and need.